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    How does it work?

    I’d like to welcome all new members to P$C. I know you will enjoy the ride, especially when you receive those “YOU GOT PAID” emails.

    On to business:

    All cycler programs are a team effort. Obviously you want to make money for yourself in the process, so let me explain what I mean.

    1) When everyone helps to promote P$C, new members will join on a regular basis, which in turn pushes the lines! I do have ad campaigns going, but the help of all members will be greatly appreciated!

    2) By reinvesting you will also help push the lines as well as boost your own profits to even greater hights. Let me explain what I mean. Let’s say you started off in the $3.00 line and when you cycle, you earn $6.30. That is a profit of 210%. Instead of drawing the funds, you reinvest it in the $5.04 line. What you have done now is push the $3.15 ($6.30 x 50 % =$3.15), which helps to cycle someone out of that line. Once you cycle that line, you now get $9.76 into your P$C account. You now have a profit of 325.33% on your original $3.00 investment! Instead of withdrawing, you reinvest $10 into the $10 line! Once again you’ve helped to push the $10 line and once you cycle you get $24.00. Your profit is now up to 800% ($24.00 : $3.00). If you continue to do this, your profits on your original investment will EXPLODE!!! In turn you also help other members to cycle! If everyone works together here, I can only see everyone benefit from each others e! fforts!