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    Friday Night Fu (Episode 050)

    Friday Night Fu

    by Friday Night Fu

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    Episode 50
    Original air date: May 1, 2009

    The Movie: Duel of the Iron Fist
    1971, dir. Cheh Chang
    When a gangster returns after a year in exile, he’s shocked to discover his old gang has united with some nasty rivals. Naturally, this causes the hero to find some old buddies and kick some serious revenge butt. There’s not really an iron fist anywhere in this movie, but there are lots of knives. I guess that counts for something.

    The Fu:
    Excelsior! It's the big five-oh, and we're celebrating with swine flu, Stan Lee, geek arguments, and the mystery that is the Shadow Hare! And to think they said it'd never last. Then again, how did we manage to not get cancelled by now?