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    Rapid Strategy Development and Implementation –Get Engagemen


    by strategyrapid

    Innovation Partners International (IPI) is a truly unique consulting firm that has developed a revolutionary approach for Rapid Strategy Development and Implementation, with a foundation in Appreciative Inquiry and other whole-system change models. This foundation provides a focus on strengths and broad stakeholder engagement, which is sure to rev up your strategic planning efforts. IPI’s holistic approach engages people at all levels to identify and leverage the organization’s unique strengths, resources, leading practices, and opportunities, ensuring faster AND better results than other conventional methods.

    In this video, we see a short demonstration of IPI’s proposition in action as Tony Silbert focuses on the possibilities offered by a “strengths-based, high engagement approach to strategic planning, development, and implementation”. IPI is the future of innovative business strategy and consultation. To find out more call us at 1(866)890-4816 or visit us at