Signs of a Cheating Girlfriend


by TheCheatCatcher

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Hello dear Sir I have watched your videos and a very good thing to fare much but I can't do what you said on the video cassette can't read and write I'm dyslexic Sarton employed a private detective in Russia to spy on my girlfriend to see if she is cheating on me and the guy will look at that e-mails and text messages this and hit her phone calls and follow around where ever she goes and there will be a team of people doing it if you know any way of cheaper for me to find out I would appreciate if you could help me as it's costing me £200 per day and I have hired him for three days I don't want to be seen embarrassed and taking the Mickey out of me by my girlfriend if she is doing what she is every is not semen right suddenly three months before I met her and asked talking to her she wasn't doing nothing and she starts going out after I get back and she will not let me have asked the beef I can go back and visit her 10 times she insisted of her coming to me in visit me at I want to g
By 1234wilsher 6 years ago