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    Hava Nagila on a seven string bass by: Nate Kizerian


    by sonicpickle_dotcom

    http://www.natekizerian.com Just messing on my bass.Doing a little bass tapping on my seven string.This is a fun song to play.I'm working on the entire thing,so I will post it when I am finished... But for now I give you the short & sloppy version :) Yes I know that I hit a wrong note:) I'm not Jewish I'm Armenian to avoid any confusion.I like to play every style of music under the sun.From any & every culture.From spanish to middle eastern.I Love Armenian music,African and Latin hand drums.I try to keep an open mind & not leave anything out. For those of you that want to bash me for playing this.Whatever... I don't know why the world has to fight like little children in a sandbox. You would think that the Jewish people & the Armenian's could relate to one another.Considering that we have all been victims of genocide. I never thought that my own people would send me hate mail for playing a song. Free your mind & your ass will fallow!!! ~Coexist~ Category: Mu