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    Railfanning Northeastern Ohio - Early May '09!

    Rich Thompson

    by Rich Thompson

    Some catches around various locations in Northeastern Ohio, on the first weekend in May 2009. These locations are primarily in the Berea, OH area. This video was shot with the Kodak Z730 in place of the standard Sony Handycam. Please excuse lower quality. Enjoy!


    (Opening scene)
    L110 - Grafton, OH, eb, intermodal:
    CSXT 5226
    CSXT 4781

    Q353, WB, mixed:
    CSXT 7360
    CSXT 5401
    CSXT 9156

    11K, WB, mixed:
    NS 2732
    NS C40-9W
    NS C40-9W

    25K, WB, intermodal:
    NS 7576
    NS C40-9W
    NS C40-9W

    417, WB, coal:
    NS 3380
    BNSF 6008
    BNSF 9313

    Q151, WB, intermodal:
    CSXT 8660
    CSXT 7570

    Q364, EB, mixed:
    CSXT 258
    CSXT 395
    *Special loads*

    Q381, WB, mixed:
    BNSF 5378
    BNSF 4819

    Q123, WB, intermodal:
    CSXT 7736
    CSXT 71

    Q380, EB, mixed:
    BNSF 7428
    BNSF 965
    CSXT 128

    S371, WB, mixed:
    CSXT 505
    CSXT 8238

    Q108, EB, intermodal:
    CSXT 230
    CSXT 5218

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