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    Daniel Negreanu - Small Ball - AK & AQ


    by PokerRakeback

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    Rake is how poker rooms make their money. That is the money that the poker rooms deduct from every pot. Usually the rake is a couple of percent with a cap at around $3 at the highest limits. There is also rake on tournaments, where the large portion of the buy in goes to the price pool, and a little fee goes to the poker site. The poker rooms make huge money from the rake the players contribute with. It is not unusual that a single player pay $3000 to the poker room every month, and thats just one player. A poker room with more than 10,000 active players earns quite a lot of money to say the least.

    Rakeback is a refund to the players. Poker players receive a percentage of the rake they pay to the poker room. A normal rakeback offer is between 25 and 40 percent, but sometimes players can get an even better offer. If you receive 35% rakeback, and rake $1000 one month, you will get $350 back. The more you rake, the more you get back. That is basically what rakeback is about.