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    Ramadan Tariq - Radical Reform of Islamic Law

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    Dr Tariq Ramadan is currently a Professor of Islamic Studies at Oxford University. His website is

    Dr Tariq Ramadan expounds on his book related to Radically Reforming Islamic Law (Fiqh) in our contemporary age. He talks about extracting rules from the given Islamic texts. This way we can interpret Islamic Law in the same way that our predecessors have done.

    "There is no text without intellect" - Dr Tariq Ramadan

    Segment Aired on March 14, 2009 on CTS

    Radical Reform : Islamic Ethics and Liberation

    Islam, La Réforme Radicale : Ethique et Libération


    Nouveau livre de Tariq Ramadan

    L’Autre En Nous...
    Une Philosophie du Pluralisme
    Editions : Presses du Châtelet

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