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    Is BACKLASH 2009 for RANDY ORTON ?


    by EagleFire21

    new video... pls subscribe me and comment. hope u enjoy randy orton is one in a million and beaten the best there is he was the WWE champion for nearly 7 months and he loved to kill people physical and destroy them by plaing mind games he doesn`t have fear for anyone or anything he is a legend his one man dynasty has become the top of the world and it is his destiny to be champion again he became the youngest world world champion in history he was never be the same again and he is the evolution of this business he beats triple h and john cena with his dominance and was still dominant and still the WWE Champion he defeats his opponents with ruthless aggression and is dangerous undefeated killer of hopes and a killer of dreams and simply a legend randall keith orton wrestling and to be champion is in his blood and on his way to the toip he isn`t going anywhere he beat the shit out of the whole raw roster if they stand in his way he is without question the greatest raw superstar of 2007 and he will be the best wwe champion in 2008 his signature moves are as hard as the finishers from many other wrestlers backbreaker standing dropkick middle rope ddt and of course the punch to the head the kick he gave to mr cena sgt slaughter ric flair dusty rhodes john cena triple h shawn michales and many more victims he is the greatest heel fighter rated rko edge in the world so GET A LOOK AT GREATNESS he is the strongest smartest dominant and he doesn`t care about his opponents