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    Cours D'Anglais An amazing race between two Champions

    Alex Brian

    par Alex Brian

    1 053 vues
    What an amazing race between these two unseen champions.Really running Neck and Neck.Who is the Winner? Check it now.

    Do you want to learn English with a native speaker?...

    I am sure you do! Many more videos will be uploaded to help you improve your English.

    Shot and edited by Brian a BBC producer and director and English writer. These videos aim to teach you some relevant expressions which you are able to use in your conversations when you want or need to speak English.

    Hopefully you will enjoy your time with us, let's become youtube friends and subscribe to each other accounts.

    Warm regards
    Brian and Alex

    Enjoy these short comedy sketches - well at least some of them we think are funny! Which ones? Well that's up to you to find out.
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