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    Dismantle Weapons For Peace !!!

    Tom Petersen

    by Tom Petersen

    Back in my younger years... around the time of the Vietnam War... there was a popular saying, which went "Fighting for Peace is like Fucking for Virginity" !
    I know it isn't the nicest of sayings... but I believe there is a lot of truth to it !!!

    I have a saying of my own, that I'd like to share with you...
    "If you are Praying for Peace... You dont want it hard enough !"

    Whilst I don't wish to be critical of anyone's beliefs... I feel that 'praying for peace' is aiming the responsibility and blame toward God... and if we really want 'peace', we need to be doing a lot more than just praying for it... we need to be working harder toward making it happen !!!

    The Reality of War is that it needs people to fight it... and if everyone simply turned around and said that they aren't going to participate in the killing of people... 'Peace' then becomes the Reality !

    I get really tired of hearing people say that 'we need War in order for there to be Peace'... it is like 'fucking for virginity' over and over again !

    Here we are in the twenty first century... and we are no closer now to Peace, than we were hundreds of years ago. In fact, there are probably more 'wars' raging now, than at any other time in the past.

    We continue to spend trillions of dollars each year on Weapons that kill... whilst children in the world, continue to starve to death. 'The insanity of man' never ceases to amaze me !!!

    'Peace' isn't something to be prayed for... If you want 'peace'... you make peace.
    A good place to start, is by refusing to fight !

    The title and theme of this video, is 'Dismantle Weapons For Peace'.
    Don't spend one more cent on Weapons of War. Instead... work toward the dismantling of Weapons... and focus attention, once and for all, on putting an end to World Poverty !!!