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    Sandisk Ultra Backup USB, SSD, Slot Disk

    Al Caudullo Productions

    by Al Caudullo Productions


    Sandisk has created the world's first usb flash drive with backup software that is activated with a single button touch. Simply plug the flash drive into your computer and you can choose which files to backup. The software and applications remain on the USB so you don't need to install or download anything to your computer. The Sandisk Ultra Backup USB will scan your hard drive and begin copying the files that you selected. Feel secure with a 128 encryption, password protection, and the USB uses it's own hardware, which is faster, than using software to backup and secure your files.

    Sandisk has the future of hard drives now, it's an SSD (solid state devices) hard drive. They're newest SSD drive is equalivent to a 40,000 RPM drive. It is called the G3 SSD by Sandisk and is available in three sizes, currently, 60 GB for $149 USD, 120 GB for $249 USD, and 240 GB for $499 USD.

    MicroSD card with up to 1,000 songs already preloaded on the card so no wires, wifi, or downloads needed. “This is the fastest, easiest and most affordable way for consumers to enjoy the music they love,” said Noam Kedem, SanDisk’s product management VP. You don't need to spend time downloading songs from the Internet, ripping them from a CD, or searching your hard drive for your favorites. They are already pre-loaded on the MicroSD card and can be played on select SanDisk MP3 players. The MicroSD cards are available for rock, country, oldies, and hip hop/R&B geners. For more information check out

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