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    Erie Pa Cop Goes to far by making fun of a gun death

    Christian Bussiere

    by Christian Bussiere

    Police officer James Cousins II is caught on camera mocking a dead man
    Posted in April 19th, 2009
    by Claudette Rothman in America

    Off-duty Erie, Pennsylvania, police officer, James Cousins II, was caught on camera at a bar mocking an alleged drug dealer, Rondale Jennings Sr., who was murdered.

    Cousins, who is currently under investigation while on a paid leave from the department, is caught saying, “One less drug dealer to deal with.”

    In the video, which can be seen on YouTube, Cousins is heard saying, “I swear to God it looked like …out of a movie. It was ….perfect.

    “Right in the middle of the ….forehead. Right in the ….eye”

    He’s ….bleeding. Not really so much from the ….front end. Not really out of the back

    “He’s laying on the ground and his ….leg is doing one of these,” Cousins started demonstrating by moving his legs.

    “Did you see it? Let me show you again. He’s twitching like a ….chicken.”

    Cousins repeated the motions with his legs.

    On an interview with CNN this morning when asked what she thought of the video Yvette Jennings, the mother of the dead man, said, “I was shocked–disturbed and distraught, and it was a whole lot more pain than what I was feeling.”

    Should police officers be allowed to discuss portions of their work when they are off-duty? Tell us what you think