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    Deal With It -Pt2 (Music Video)

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    Deal with it Pt2(Music Video)@

    Benjamin Allen works it out to Corbin Bleu's (Music Video) for "Deal With It," showing you how it's done so you can dance like the pros. (Music Video)

    1. Jump to your left side, throw your hands up, and cock your head up high.
    2. Bring your hands back down to your sides, nice and easy.
    3. Turn to your right and step your right foot back behind your left while pumping your left arm up and over your head.
    4. Step your left foot back and pump your right arm up and over your head.
    5. Jump forward on your right foot, throw your arms over your head and kick out your left leg in back.
    6. Turn to face front, feet together, arms down at your sides.
    7. Step forward on your right foot and cross your left arm up and over to your right and snap.
    8. Step your right foot back and step forward on your left foot, cross your left arm back up and over to your left and snap. That's it! Nice work. Now go hit the dance floor.

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    Created by Stun Media. Featuring Benjamin Allen, Chieko Hidaka, Bianca Pratt and G-Madison.

    Music Video Dance School is a 60Frames original series. For more information, please visit us at