SV510: deep and fast marking by scribing


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SV510 – Integrable machine
Marking area: 120 x 40 mm
The SV510 is the ideal solution for marking on metallic parts, of various shapes and states of surfaces, mainly for the following sectors:
- automotive (V.I.N. marking, engine block...)
- construction (structural iron…)
- off shore (tubes, valves, joints…)
The SV510 marking system is designed for industrial integration on assembly and automatic production lines.
Marking depth:
- up to 0.3 mm in steel at 110 HB
- up to 0.25 mm in cast iron

Marking speed:
- less than 10 seconds for 19 characters of 7 mm (V.I.N. marking)

Piloting of the marking head by:
- selection of files stored in the UC510SV’s memory, by activation of Inputs
- control unit in independent mode
- PLC or any other information system, via RS232 connection

Rapid interchangeability of the head:
- mounted using mechanical fasteners

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