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    Johnny Thunders: The Wizard [MARC BOLAN] + Jayne County 1982

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    Johnny Thunders [RIP]: "The Wizard" [w/b Marc Bolan] (Acoustic: Live in Studio with Elliot Kidd [RIP]guitar, 1982) + Jayne County Live @ Max's Kansas City, 1979 (Peter Jordan on bass with Jeff Salen [RIP]guitar) from "Paul Tschinkel's Inner-Tube" [NYC Public Access Cable, 1982]

    "HOLY CRAP!Was that me??? LOL. What was I wearing and what was I on??? And doing Countrybilly!!! Well, at least I was still a skinny bitch. Now I am FAT!!! Time Has No Mercy!!!--Jaynecounty

    Professor Paul Tschinkel, a video artist, trained his camera on contemporary art and music and produced documentaries that will be viewed and treasured for as long as scholars and students contemplate late 20th century art.
    Professor Tschinkel produced four different documentary series. His first series, "Paul Tschinkel's Inner-Tube" (1974-75), produced for New York public access cable, was the first weekly cable program created by an artist. His second series (1977-78) was entitled "Artifacts." His third series, "New York Music New York" (1979-84), captured early Punk and New Wave music. His fourth series, 1979-present, "Art/new york" 58 programs. The "Art/new york" series is internationally applauded and incorporated into contemporary art exhibitions.