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    Rejuvaglow Skin Illusia

    Russ Chiasson

    by Russ Chiasson

    323 views Rejuvaglow This cream uses Matrxyl and a serious omega blend to vastly improve skin texture. Other rejuvenating ingredients include emu oil, grapefruit seed extract, collagen, DMAE, Vitamin E, and green tea leaf extract. Matrixyl® produces lasting moisturizing of the skin, makes the skin smoother and more supple, and vastly reduces lines and wrinkles. Matrixyl substantially improves photo-damaged skin by stimulating factors that encourage fibroblasts to speed up collagen production. Another peptide factor in Matrixyl called Endonucleine reconstitutes the skin's own RNA and DNA. Emu oil is a rare exotic oil famous for reducing scar formation, improving skin texture, and reducing inflammation. DMAE has been known to vastly improve facial firmness.