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    Signals StemCell Skincare

    Russ Chiasson

    by Russ Chiasson

    154 views Major Breakthrough in Skin Care and Nutrition. There is a revolution taking place in the healthcare industry. By utilizing stem cells and anti-aging peptides, an entire new generation of products are available that can make you look younger and feel better. And the company bringing these products to you is Stem Cell Products, LLC. Our premise is quite simple. Because science is moving so rapidly, we predict that within 10 to 20 years a healthy human will be able to live until 120 years of age without the diseases so often affecting the elderly. Imagine a couple that looks like they are in their mid 50’s, when they are actually over 100. That’s coming, and we predict it won’t be that long from now. Stem Cell Products LLC is leading the charge. Our Signals™ skin care line is one of the first to utilize adult stem cells to signal your skin to repair itself. Clinical studies have shown that Signals hydrates the skin up to 107% within two weeks. It’s like taking a raisin and turning it into a grape. You’ll look better, and your skin will be healthier using Signals™. Our PainBreaker™ cream with glucosamine and glutathione not only alleviates the pain from muscle soreness and arthritis, but it goes to the cause of the problem and helps to reduce inflammation. After extensive research into the power of adult skin stem cells to reverse the appearance of aging, a new skincare line has been born. Called “Signals” this new concept will change your perception of skincare as it encompasses everything from the genes in your body to the surface of your skin. Here’s how. Through a patent-pending process, we caused the stem cells frm a young adult to emit age-reversing signals, which we capture in a moisturizing cream base. The result is a skincare line that signals your skin to match the skin cells of a very young adult.