Iraq 2009

Tom Petersen

by Tom Petersen

This video contains images from the 'Faces of Grief Blogspot'
and has been produced in the hope of highlighting the true situation in Iraq... which contrary to popular belief, has shown little improvement since Coalition Forces invaded the country in the year 2003.

There has been much concern recently, over a spate of Suicide Bombings in Iraq... with the suggestion being that prior to those most recent bombings, the situation in Iraq was steadily improving. The simple fact however, is that Suicide Bombings have been an almost daily occurrence in Iraq for many years... and there has been little change (if any) to what the situation was like prior to 'the Surge of American Troops being sent to Iraq in the year 2007'.

Innocent Iraqi Civilians continue to be killed... and the question must be asked... "If the Troops in Iraq are not able to protect the Iraqi People... Why are they there ???"