Mad Cowboy Disease

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When the country goes bonkers for war they always wrap it in the flag and a cowboy image. It was a broadside against the Bush Administration's Neo Con war policies with a bizarre rationale for their bellicose behavior. "It must have been the dinner at the Inauguration Ball. There must have been some Mad Cow on the menu after all." Mad Cowboy Disease is a walking cartoon-song influenced by listening to Bob Dylan, Phil Ochs, and other Broadside Balladeers. Photos from US military prisons at Abu Ghraib in Iraq and Guantanamo in Cuba, as well as anti-war photos, are from After Downing Street:
The Bush-Cheney administration lied about everything from 9/11 to WMD in Iraq to their White House discussions led by Condoleeza Rice about torture techniques to use in their so-called "War on Terror". President Obama, how can we move forward if we can't look at the horrible crimes of the recent past and hold someone accountable? What does that do to respect for the law?

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fils de pute de bush et toute sa troupe
By zerrounito 5 years ago