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    Michaela Strachan Shows Children The Joys OF Nature


    by tvcgroup

    As new research reveals that the nations children know more about David Beckham then tadpoles – TV Presenter Michaela Strachan bucks the trend by showing youngsters the joys of nature New research released today by Robinsons be Natural reveals that British primary school children can list almost four times as many celebrities as they can wildflowers, birds and wild animals. Whilst the research found that one in four children are not aware that a tadpole develops into a frog in later life, 6-11 year olds seemed to have no problems listing celebrities – with an average listing of 8 names, such as Miley Cyrus (aka Hannah Montana), David Beckham, Wayne Rooney and Zach Efron from High School Musical as popular picks. However the survey did reveal a glimmer of hope with almost half of the children (47%) questioned insisting that playing outside is their favourite playtime activity. With this in mind Television Presenter Michaela Strachan has taken the initiative to inspire the Nation’s children to get outside and increase their nature knowledge. Distributed by Tubemogul.