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    Valkyrie-Stage of Lies 2


    por Witchqueen_74

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    ♥Ok, I like to suffer. But what can I do, metal is, besides my music, for video clips THE BEST (and the less persecuted, though, spys are always there lurking) but its THE MOST DIFFICULT music when you are editing XD
    Anywayz I do not pick up songs becoz they are slow or easy.

    ♪The video: Well, I did this time a whole video for all VALKYRIE´S MEN, those ones involved directly with the Valkyrie plan, those who died right at the hit of the failure. (Great movie, actually, I still can´t understand why it was SO THRASHED and underrated BECOZ MORONIC ISSUES LIKE ACCENTS, or language ¡Gosh! Stupidity for almost two years.Unbelievable. You, Valkyrie Haters SUCKS)
    And or good heavens, my MM sometimes is just Crazy and makes me work more, but this video isn´t enough rebel yet to be in my "Dungeon of Rebels" LOL

    ♪The song: I love Excalion, LOVE this song, and I found the lyrics great too for another of my Valkyrie videos, so here it is. Long song for working uffff, but I love the final result, I love that.... but no more editing, the video is OK as it is, so far...
    How funny this song is VERY similar to the Warcry´s song I used in my video "Tresckow-Mas Alla" ( ) both songs mean almost exactly the same, different words but same meaning XD
    I have a nother Excalion video clip, by the way: