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    【巡音ルカ】unforgotten name


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    unforgotten name
    作曲:ポン酢P 作詞:chu-ji

    If you're
    moralist, romancer, egoist, marginal man,
    hopeless, unknown, and liar, I'm ok,

    I will just sing a song, instead of first words
    cause I'm born now, as your virtual singer

    I'm sure it's
    timeless, unreal, stories, the transience,
    reasonless, miracle, and nothing, like my name

    I'll always sing a song, to your dying day
    cause I'm beside you, in the World Speaker

    my Raison d'etre is you, so I live for singing
    my voice turns to songs, always only for you

    what you want,
    relation, truths, realism, greatlife,
    risk, bore, and pleasures, I give you all them

    I could just sing a song, as long as I exist
    so unforget me, keep my song in your heart

    my Raison d'etre is you, to be unforgotten one
    my voice gives you music, whenever you hear me

    If my song is endless, unforgotten with my name