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    Automatic sheeter pasta machine Pama Roma

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    Su Stacking and cutting machine, ideal to replace the hand process for sheet of pasta – standard width is mm 280-400 it is designed to roll, to make a dusting, to cut and to overcome the pasta sheet layers automatically at all moreover this machine is suitable to deliver tagliatelle or lasagne of different sizes and lengths by only fitting a cutting equipment this machine not require more use of manpower allowing the unit operator to perform other tasks when the unit is running – it deposits both lasagne and long cuts directly into a designated storage or retail container – equipped with an automatic counter, the machine can be adjusted to stop at a pre-designated number of sheets – it is capable of cutting lasagne 3,9” x 5,5” – at the pasta sheet stack completion the machine stops automatically –mod. SI/280 do not require any maintenance procedure - machine in stainless steel version.