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    Little Ashes Sountrack Preview


    by officialspunkransom

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    I am trying to find the title and artist of the last song on this video. Does anyone know?? Please help...

    I love this soundtrack and movie.
    By Rcsrcs5 years ago
    manehshahinyan, thanks for sending this soundtrack. Do you know where to download to Ipod or Mp3? Is there a complete version available? I love it!!!
    By BebeBake6 years ago
    hi...i love the movie and the soundtrack too...can u say to me how can i find this music(exactly the music in the beginning ) on mp3 version???please help me
    By manehshahinyan6 years ago
    Ok all of you die-hards, just add me to your list. I own this movie and have already watched it 4 times in the last two days. I'm totally addicted. Have to admit, it's one of Rob's best so far. Oh yeah, I'm in love with him too. Javier is a hottie, too. I just bought books on Dali and Lorca so I can read all about it in more detail. I love this story. I am looking for the actual CD soundtrack or at least the itunes download of the music from the beach scene. Let me know if anyone knows the name of the track. I think it's probably Gary Ryan.
    By BebeBake6 years ago
    Dorlocita and Mapetite0 No way are you guys the only poeple who are in love with this movie...Javier is reallly beautifull...i love this movie and the sound track..and I love Lorcas poems and plays...ive made a habbit out of colecting them :P
    By JavierLover6 years ago
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