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    D.Hewlett in The Campbells_1


    by proyecciones

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    04/28/2009 in dailymotion"

    "The Campbells" (1986) Season 3, Episode 21 part Nº2

    This series featured some of Canada's best acting talent and was a real showcase for them.

    This show is historically accurate as well and really brought to light many of the things that pioneers had to go through in Canada's harsh, yet beautiful, landscape. It also brought forth that, despite some people holding on to class, people worked together and, eventually, most people realised that we're all the same and that we're all equal.

    I really like how the show treated all people, no matter their creed, race or what-have-you, the same. No one was prejudiced against, and stereotypes were done away with.

    This show is something that everyone can enjoy, a true family show

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