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    Memon Environmental Technology

    Russ Chiasson

    by Russ Chiasson

    317 views The memon ® environmental technology offers with it’s ipict ® -technology a unique and complete protection against all negative environmental influences. All aspects are covered, from water till your air and all solutions are easy to install. If it is about your water, air, geopathic zones or electro-smog, a more relaxed work area, a stress free ride with your vehicle or a more healthy phone call - memon ® offers the solution! Simple, genius and naturally unique. -Protection against negative energy information radiation for the body and soul -Harmonization of damage information frequencies -Increased vitality, health and quality of life -Simple to install Application: Telephones, telephone systems, mobile phones, cordless phones (DECT/GAP) can all be fitted with the ® Telephone Transformer. You need one Telephone Transformer per mobile device, the base or transmitter station should be harmonized using an E-Smog Transformer on the main station