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    Judith Darmont, live VJing. Olympia 2006

    Judith Darmont

    par Judith Darmont

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    Paco Rabanne revealed Black XS at the Olympia Hall, in 2006, to 150 europeans journalists.

    Shortcut, in charge to manage the whole event, asked Judith for a teaser, an arty videoart short film (2'05), that shows the artist's vision of the fragrance.

    Then, after the reveal and an exceptionnal diner, "let's dance" : Judith is mixing, live, video samples & loops, while the DJ, Edouard Bert is taking care of the surrounding sound ambiance.

    SET VJ :
    Venue :
    10. 000 Lumens videoprojector
    50 meters square screen
    1 video databank, 2 notebooks, 2 softwares & 1 videomixer.