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Building Dignity -Documentary-

hace 9 años846 views

New political Constitution of the State

Documentary – DV - 38 min.
Bolivia 2008 – 2009
Languages: Spanish
Subtitles: English


“Bolivia is a Unitary, Plurinacional, Communitarian and Democratic State.”
The first article of the new Constitution reflects the complexity of Bolivia’s myriad of diversities, permeated by the visions of its colonial founding fathers and spurred on by the passionate memory of the 36 indigenous peoples who are now demanding their inclusion, once and for all, in the nation state.

“Building Dignity” offers a complete panorama of the voices that attract, repel and complement each other within Bolivia. It is the chronicle of a constitutional process that has propelled the contradictions of a country, based on differences and hope of understanding, into the world’s limelight.


An IWGIA production in association with ORE-MEDIA

With the support of: CIDOB / CEPESC / CEJIS

Camera and Photography: Fernando Cola

Second unit: Facundo López - Patrick Vanier

Executive Production: Alejandro Parellada

Production in Bolivia: Julio Peñaloza / Daniela Otero

Production in Argentina: Emilio Cartoy Díaz

Technical Production, Post production and design: Canejo Productions

Post Production Coordination: Fernando Cola

Editing: Martín Ladd / Nicolás Alessandro

Visual Comunication Design: Sandrina Gobbi / Anabel Garbet

© All rights reserved.

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Building Dignity -Documentary-
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