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    Gucci Mane - I'm Back B*tch / NEW


    par PeteRock

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    Murder_Ji dit Ti Créole Là
    the new king
    Rich Mundo
    Whattup Mane, Its Gucci, Keep the streets on Work Support, No Jerk, Just Bart Simpson, Ice Like A midget in the freezy, Whattup Jeezy, Look Young, But Im Old Like Prehistoric, that mean, before niggas started writing, not to be confused with freestyling, we all was wealthy, Now they telling me I need to Be Rich, Oh Rico caught an abstract case, Well yall Gone Deal with Concrete Consequences, Them Bricks that make it hard to swim, Let the Sharks eat ya flesh, Best Dressed, After that I said fuck a test, Whattup Lady Ga Ga, I see ya, Fabolous Sis!
    Par Rich MundoIl y a 7 ans
    datz mi nigga gucci no homo
    Par yabrandonIl y a 7 ans