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    Fred Waring's Pennsylvanians - Glorianna


    par kspm0220s

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    You are very welcome corrie; great you loved this posting!
    Par kspm0220sIl y a 7 ans
    Walter Gray
    This is excellent!!
    Thank you for sharing.
    Par Walter GrayIl y a 7 ans
    I'm with you Fred; Waring had outstanding musicians, but often the taste level of the supposedly vaudeville tricks is somewhat overshadowing the intrinsic musical quality.
    Par kspm0220sIl y a 7 ans
    Dustyrhoads I agree this version is excellent, as far as I'm concerned one of his best; so glad you loved it!
    Par kspm0220sIl y a 7 ans
    His band certainly was superb. But way too many of his records are full of corn ball antics and silly playing. Not nearly enough of this.
    Par phred001Il y a 7 ans
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