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    Railfanning Around Cleveland!

    Rich Thompson

    by Rich Thompson

    The temperatures are rising, and the action is intense in the Cleveland area. This video focuses mainly on NS action around Maple Heights. A special thanks to Cody (ConrailForever) for supplying me with quite a bit of footage, while I experience more ongoing camera deficiencies. Enjoy!


    17K, WB, mixed:
    NS 2766
    NS C40-9W

    262, EB, roadrailer:
    NS 9718
    NS C40-9W

    20E, EB, intermodal:
    NS 9622
    NS 9315

    16N, EB, mixed:
    NS 5435
    NS 5426
    NS 2699

    11K, WB, mixed:
    NS 9309
    NS 9868

    10R, EB, mixed:
    NS 8378
    NS 2554
    NS 2630

    Cab shots were taken in NS 9532

    413, WB, coke:
    NS 7718
    NS SD60

    Q164, EB, intermodal:
    CSXT 7526

    Q264, EB, autoracks:
    CSXT 818
    CSXT 5411

    Q640, EB, mixed:
    CSXT 5417
    CSXT 5418
    BMEX 402 (Metro North)

    Q229, WB, autoracks:
    CSXT 249

    24M, EB, intermodal:
    NS 7542
    NS C40-9W

    20K, EB, intermodal:
    NS 2612
    NS C40-9W

    21G, WB, intermodal:
    NS 2727
    NS 8412
    NS SD70M-2

    25Z, WB, intermodal:
    NS 9288
    NS 9030

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