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    In 2004 Fast Motion was created, by 4 guys(Stephane Julien, Mathieu Ledoux, Yan Lecomte and Thomas Liccioni,) with the same goal about their stunt career. So we decide to team up to have more strenght and energy to motivated each other!!! The first year was the set up…Mathieu found the name, we made our first and created our web site,! That year was pretty quiet we didn’t really work for stunts. So we trained the most we could! 2005 change everything, many media started to tell our story and approched us for the parkour scene, then the movie 300 happened, from there we started to make a living with stunts.2006-2007, we worked on many project like: Deathrace, Mummy 3, Punisher, Outlander, Get Smart, Love Guru and travel in Russia, Argentina and Africa for work!!! 2008 It slowed down a bit in this industry…so we slowly took our skates back and start to have fun around…more and more we did it, we just wanna do it even more! So here we are in 2009 skating like maniac every minute that we have and happy to share with everyone around!! Thanks – STEPHANE JULIEN FAST MOTION Stunt Team