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    Bottom line: Apple and Microsoft


    by TechVi

    It's earnings season, the time of year where companies peel back their pocket books and show us what they've got. Apple announced earnings yesterday, with some good sales numbers, but ended up slashing 1600 jobs. On the flipside, Microsoft reported its first dip in quarterly profits in 23 years, but is hopeful about the future with the upcoming Windows 7 release. What does the news really mean for consumers? We talk to Dan Frommer from the Business Insider and Tom Merritt of CNET's Buzz Out Loud about the issues. Both feel with this economic environment, the reports aren't that astounding, but Dan is quick to point out 1600 jobs is a small fraction of Apple's total retail footprint. On the Microsoft side of things, Tom thinks Windows 7 is better than Vista, and people will end up buying it, but isn't sure that Microsoft can create a netbook solution that'll please people and their profit margins.