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    Colon Cleanse Day 5: 9 out of 10 Funkmeyers Now Agree! Colon

    So I was watching this guy Gary Vaynerchuk who is becoming quite the big deal on the Internet and I learned a couple of things.

    The first thing I learned is that people like stories. You have to focus on stories. Whether you're selling something or doing a podcast or writing a book or whatever. You need stories.

    The second thing I learned is that charisma takes you a long way. You need to be energetic. You need to take your regular personality and AMPLIFY it. Big time.

    So I'm gonna do that from now on. It feels right to me. It makes the show a LOT more exciting also for me to watch.

    Today was the first day of the ACTUAL cleanse portion, meaning 5 drinks of psyllium and bentonite clay per day. It's been challenging to drink so much clay and so much water, but it's for a good cause, y'know?

    Other than that, I've been cranking away with web design projects and living it up watching Fellini and enjoying a sense of lightness.

    In this episode, we cover:
    -The Necessity of cleansing
    -Jenny's anger about cleansing
    -Otis's enthusiasm
    -The fact that you are a God Donut