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    Phoenix Rising – VFX final for VFS

    Troy Whitmer

    by Troy Whitmer

    1 270 views - This is my visual effects final piece after my year at the Vancouver Film School. It's a Phoenix, based off a model of a robot eagle made earlier in the year. It heavily pushes skills I've learned throughout the year, especially footage integration, using live elements of effects in conjunction with digital assets, in this case mostly being Maya particles, and the endless options available in full-fledged compositing packages like Nuke.

    The fire is all real elements purchased from and composited into the RGB particle ramp using primary colors to be able to mask/layer/color correct the fire to look&feel like it's coming from the Phoenix. The nodal tree that went into this setup was quite a lengthy one...

    This is my final edit from school, though it's been put up a week or so before the official VFS version which will have additional sound effects and such, so before long another slightly different copy should pop up.