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    WHO: Prevent. Protect. Immunize.


    by staffannystrom

    WHO: Prevent. Protect. Immunize.

    There are plenty of dangers in the world, but at least if your children are vaccinated, they will be protected from measles or mumps or rubella or tetanus or diphtheria or pertussis or
    hepatitis B or polio. It is as simple as that.

    - Did you know that measles still kills people in Europe?

    - Did you know that every hour one unprotected child gets measles?

    - Did you know that every year 600 000 children in Europe are not fully vaccinated?

    - Did you know that your unvaccinated child is a health risk to others?

    We need your help. Watch the video and forward it!

    And please, vaccinate your children!

    For more info, go to

    To support the cause, join the WHO facebook-group: