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    Mannheim song and Ballad

    Olympic Song

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    This is the Mannheim Song and Ballad. Mannheim, the Mozart-city, it´s past and present. Instead of street-names, Mannheim city has squares Alpha + Numbers. So if you are using handy-Talk and say U2. it could mean that you live in square U2 (and not “you too”) !
    Did you know that Amadeus´(Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart) used to visit Mannheim often. The story (the real story) goes that Amadeus fall in love with a Mannheim- girl and married that girl´s sister!
    We don´t have a walk of Fame where you´ll see Mozart´s handprints. But we have Walls of fame!
    Other who´s who from Mannheim : Drais ( Bicycle), Benz (from Mercedes Benz) and the Olympic Song Messengers.
    This is a rough home recording. Acoustic guitars and Indo-flamenco-percussion plyed on acoustic guitar.