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    Friday Night Fu (Episode 047)

    Friday Night Fu

    by Friday Night Fu

    Episode 47
    Original air date: April 10, 2009

    The Movie: Shaolin Fist Fighter
    1980, dir. Godfrey Ho
    Another Godfrey Ho classic, this one without the ninjas and white guys. Elton Chong and Mike Wong star in this flick about a couple of feuding kung fu masters who keep killing each other’s families, then one of them runs off to learn the “natural fist,” which includes no artificial flavors. Fun fact: the motto of the shaolin fist fighter is “hardness first, softness second.” I hear they’ve got a pill for that.

    The Fu:
    We're back, and we've brought some chaos with us! Mary B. got loaded up on cake n' booze (the official birthday treat), while Jack got loaded up on Easterriffic Cream Eggs. (And we just couldn't get Jack off Jake. AHEM.) Life's been good since the Shamwow Guy got busted. ShamWOW!