Welcome to the 2nd American Revolution


by Krauthammer

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The media attacks loyal, patriotic, (God forbid) capitalist, red blooded Americans while leftist-controlled Department of Homeland Security turns on the people of the United States, calling returning war veterans "terrorists" and American conservatives "right-wing extremists" just as DHS refuses to call islamofascist terrorists like those who perpetrated 9/11 and the 10,000 attacks world-wide since "terrorists."

The un-American commies are spitting at the face of our returning war heroes... yet once again!

This government is totally out of control, out of touch, irresponsible, traitorous, and has no legitimacy what-so-ever when it was the sold-out partisan media which elected Obama by manipulating the public opinion... this, ladies and gentlemen, is unacceptable and WE THE PEOPLE will not stand for this one more second!

"Tolerance and apathy are the last virtues of a dying society" - Aristotle

We have been to complacent, too tolerant of the intolerant and our mortal enemies for too long... ENOUGH!

We are waking up, and NOTHING will stop us from re-taking America from the communist tyrannical enemy which has been infiltrating us for the past half a century.

When they will finally silence us as they keep going more and more, our guns will do all the talking.

Semper fi.

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Trop fort!!!

Total respect!!

C'est dommage qu'en France, on ne peut pas voir çà!!!
By RonaldReagan 6 years ago