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    by ChanologyNews



    continued. people that go to psychiatrists just mostly talk. You can go to them once, twice or more. Medacation is not always offered and is nearly always meant to be tempory(except for epilepsy etc)

    And when it comes to controling sezures, autism etc $cientology dont believe in medicine. Hence why John travoltas son died!
    By Slicolas7 years ago
    If you look at the amount of people that have died from $cientology compared to the amount of $cientologists the numbers are alarming. People should be informed of that. $cientology is an industry of death.

    Hubbard($cientologys founder) Wanted to eradicate psychiatry because he sold $cientology/Dianetics as mental health. If you look into $cientologys book Dianetics its a psudeo-science claiming all ills are psychsomatic.

    $cientologists post leaflets, advertise and try and recruit people of the street offering them self help and happiness.

    Keeping thet in mind lets look at the funamentel differences between people coming to $cientology for help or a psychiatrist.

    1st thing is $cientology never turn people away saying no matter what! They always say people need $cientologys help claiming that theyll get massive impoved IQ and perfect memory and recall(dianetics synopsis XVII)! In 60 years this has never happened!
    By Slicolas7 years ago