It's too late to apologize Byakuya

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Don't look at me like that!Actually I myself don't know how I ended up doing it 0_0 I just wanted to do a video with small Shinigami but ended up doing Soi Fon/Byakuya vid instead 0_0

Although after spending time on it,I started to like the pair =) And it is sad that I found almost nothing with it =/ I think they look kinda cute together^^ Besides they also make sence ;)
1)Both about the same age.
2)Both funny and cute while being young XD And they still have their moments XD
4)Mean,but at the same time kind in their own way.

So yeh,it would be nice to see more of them in the near future^^ You can take it as my request =P

About the video itself...It was kinda hard to do since they don't have so much screen time =/ So yeh,I'm not really happy with some moments -_- But overall I think it looks kinda nice =)

About story...It is pretty simple.Soi Fon and Byakuya were together but then he met Hisana and had decided to broke up with Soi Fon who got very depressed.But even though he loved Hisana,he still had feelings for Soi Fon and after Hisana died,he tried to make up with her.But do you really expect Soi Fon to forgive him that easily? XD


c bien mais je tiens a préciser ke byakuya n'a jamais été amoureux de soi fon (pr ceux ki le savent pas)
tt bien consideré ils vont qd mm bien ensemble
By cecilia16 6 years ago
arigato c'est super
By rukia62110 6 years ago