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    Need a 24/7 FAST Plumbing & Rooter Service in Tujunga


    by MEDIADB

    We are a full service 24/7 FAST professional plumbing firm servicing residential, commercial and industrial clientele for over 20 years.

    We've even been recommended as "One of the Good Guys" by television consumer investigative reporter Judd Mcillvain "The Trouble Shooter" who called us; "One of The Good Guys!"..

    Whether it is just a pesky leaking faucet, an annoying slow bathroom drain, a broken sewer lateral pipe in the street or a leaking buried water line, we have the expertise, the knowledge, the diagnostic equipment and the reputation to handle it all with ease, according to your schedule and budget.

    Whether you call us first, call us last or call us for a second opinion, you will wish you would have found us sooner. When you choose Dave Bischof, you choose peace of mind.