Villa Flora Artist in Residency Program in Slovenia. pt.1/3

Tjaša Iris

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Villa Flora Artist in Residency Program


Pre-Coastal Wine Country of Slovenia

The Artists' Colony - Artist in Residency Program offers a unique environment of creativity at the Villa Flora. This Pre-Coastal Prime Wine Country of Slovenia situated only a few minutes drive from Italian border is not only one of the most picturesque areas in Slovenia but it is also one of the most culturally vibrant.

The Program is organized by Villa Flora Artist's Residency. By the founder - owner - painter Tjaša Iris and a rotating group of diverse artists, academics, critics and others that nominates potential candidates for the Villa Flora Artist in Residency Program.

Session 2008. Participants: Tjaša Iris (Slovenia) , Diek Grobler (South Africa), Mary Melilli (U.S.A.)