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    133 views House Cleaning Atlanta Cleaning Lady Roswell GA and suburbs Finally a House Cleaning Team in the Greater Atlanta GA that will get the job done the right way Imagine getting home after work. The place is dirty, dusty, cluttered, a mess! You want to relax but on the back of your mind you think, I need to clean this place. Isn't this the image that comes to your mind when it's time to clean? Moment of truth. What do you do? You say, Okay, tomorrow I will get it done. Several days go by and the place is still a mess. All of a sudden your friend calls and says she will stop by to visit you. You immediately refuse the suggestion because your place is not ready. You get the idea? A dirt house affects your way of living in more ways than you can handle imagine. According to a recent Harvard study and mentioned in the book "Blink" written by Malcolm Gladwell, your house reflects who you are, your identity. That defines whether or not you will succeed in life or not. You can meet with someone for six months at the office and you cannot accurately identify the person's personality. But visit this person's home and you will know everything about him/her. You want your home to be clean and organized, even if you need to get a cleaning lady. Why are we mentioning all of the above? Because we can help you. We can get your house in a wonderful shape. "You helped us out tremendously! Thank you again so much - you do a great job! :) Thanks again so much for the awesome job you did on Tuesday! I cannot tell you how much of a relief it is to have the house in such spotless condition! I can't wait until next month! You do a fabulous job!" Scott & Beth Mason 3530 Chicory Creek Drive Cumming, GA 30041 (770) 682-1029 email: Prompt Call: (404) 671-9592 Mail: ATTN: Solange Andrade/Gil Magalhaes 3010 Chadbourne Trail Alpharetta GA 30004 House Cleaning Services Atlanta GA Apartment Cleaning Services Atlanta GA Condo Cleaning Services Atlanta GA ...