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    9. Do you know - Ted Easton

    bob erwig

    by bob erwig

    9. Do you know what it means to miss New Orleans - Ted Easton.

    I had met some of these guys when I still lived in the Netherlands. I then found out that their main fellow, Theo van Est, a retired travel agent and drummer had started a jazz club called “New Orleans” in Scheveningen, a suburb of the Hague. He himself had started the house band called Ted Easton’s Jazz Band. He also started a record company and made recordings with many of the international jazz stars like Ralph Sutton, Bob Wilber, Nat Gonella to name a few. With one of his first house bands, around 1975, he made a double LP which he called “Live from New Orleans”
    A friend of mine had this record and I remember how much I liked this. The band consisted of Jan Morks clarinet, Ray Kaart trumpet, George Katee trombone, Pim Hogervorst banjo, Jacques Kingsma bass and Ted Easton drums.
    When I retired to the Okanagan in 2002 I met an old man, who donated me a an old copy of this LP set. and today I enjoy it even more, Particularily the unbelievable talented Jan Morks playing with with Ray Kaart, a trumpeter who is so original but unfortunately was maybe not understood by many of his his fellow jazz men. Then the back-up of Pim Hogervorst makes this a totally unique band and I like to share this music with youtube and dailymotion friends. There are hardly any pictures. All I have was the record cover which I use for all songs. However, it is the excitement and energy of their music that counts.