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    Nick & Simon - "De dag dat alles beter is"


    par tkf

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    It's easy to know Nick en Simon, they are always well classed in the dutch charts. And I really appreciate them since I know theirs singles "Kijk omhoog" and "Pak maar m'n hand".
    I'm not a big fan of Jan Smit for the moment. I'm still waiting for the single who will change my opinion on him. Do you have suggestions ?
    Par tkfIl y a 7 ans
    erik van den Corput
    you've got very good videoclips from all countries, nice to dver new singers/bnds. how do you know nick and simon? they are from my country and i like them a lot. look also for jan smit same kind of music they come from the same place VOLENDAM
    Par erik van den CorputIl y a 7 ans