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    God of war Speedrun Partie 20


    par Alonso62

    4 285 vues
    Voici la 20ème partie du speedrun de God of war, je ne suis pas l'auteur de ce speedrun, les commentaires de l'auteur sont disponible en suivant ce lien:

    Commentaires de l'auteur sur cette partie:

    Segment 20
    Ares 1: Extremely easy.
    Clones: Easy, but the timing is tricky. I take advantage of refilling the RotG meter by healing my family twice. Letting the clones do enough damage to them while not killing them was the tricky part.
    Ares 2: This went extremely well. I can only see maybe 5 seconds of improvement here.

    Well, I hope you enjoyed my run. I think I set the bar fairly high, or should I say low, for future runs. Good luck to anyone attempting to beat my time!