Susan BOYLE first interview - Scottish Television

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Susan Boyle Britain's Got Talent 2009 Saturday 11th

4 commentaires

wow heh .. ,--
Par mawawax il y a 4 ans
more videos!!! ..i feel lonely though.. ...
Par indiangirl4u il y a 4 ans
. lolol trop bonne video^^
Par miaasalieea il y a 4 ans
This is my first time hearing her since on Britaints Got Talent. She is wonderful. I have since listened to other songs she has sung. And I have to say that so far it seems that she is more than just a talented person, she has a gift. Its almost as if she is able to 'copy' the origional singers voices to sing the song as they did. There were a couple of songs that I thought sounded almost exactly like the origional singers. That is a special gift...absolutely awesome!
God Bless you abundantly and keep you, may he keep you from getting lost like so many who come into this business.
Par Sistr2Sistr il y a 5 ans