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    AMTK #508 #90278 is Back!

    Chase Millsap

    by Chase Millsap

    This is the last clip from a Saturday evening of railfanning and this happens to be a good one too, Amtrak #508 makes a stop here at Kelso & returning to the Cascades service is #90278 which is a Phase 5.
    Amtrak Cascades is starting to go into this trend or at least this trend has been going on for a while where you'll often see F40s, P42s, B32-8Ws & Surfliner F59s do work & taking over the original Cascades Units and basicially is because of 2 things, The Cascades Units get plenty of Maintenance & 2nd is a future plan for Cascades to increase speed limits along where it runs but it would mainly be along the BNSF Seattle & Scenic Subdivisions. Now this would be the last northbound arrive for the night, tonight wasn't the case, #14 was running more than 3 hours late and mainly it is UP that delays them a lot.